AFM Calendar Contest 2015 !

Principle : Your Best AFM Measurement Published in the CSI 2016 AFM Calendar

Dear AFM users,It’s time to participate to the 2016 CSI Calendar contest.

The principle is easy :
the best AFM measurements will be published in the CSI 2016 Calendar that will be distributed within the AFM microscopists community. Nice presents await the winners…

To participate :
Send your best image* (JPEG & NAO format) at Jessica DUVAL :, with its description such as :

  •  Scan size
  •  AFM mode
  •  System used
  •  Signal
  •  Sample description
  •  Autor
  •  Laboratory information


Deadline for submission : November 15, 2015

* CSInstruments reserves the right to choose which images will be included in the 2016 AFM calendar. You must also know that all the images submitted for the AFM calendar will become the property of CSInstruments. Permission is granted to CSInstruments to include the image received, in appllication notes, articles or promotion