ResiScope Mode, resistance over 10 decades


ResiScope mode principle

ResiScope mode principle

ResiscopeTM mode is a mode of contact AFM. A conductive tip saves changes in current and resistance on a wide range with an external amplifier. Curves of current / voltage can be conducted at various locations on the sample. Resistance and conductivity over to 10 decades



  • Resistance & Current mapping
  • High sensitivity over the full range
  • Compatible with
    • Oscillating mode / AC mode
    • EFM / MFM or single pass KFM
  • Out put information
    • R
    • Log R
    • Current
    • I/V spectroscopy


ResiScope images

Left : Resistance signal, LON patterns, Scan size 5µm (courtesy by Angel Perez – ICMAB-Spain), middle : Resistance signal, SRAM Scan size : 45µm – 9µm, right : Resistance signal, Organic Solar Cell, scan size 5µm


  • Photovoltaic
  • semiconductor
  • Coating





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