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Atomic Force Microscope

The Nano-Observer AFM microscope is a flexible and powerful AFM. Designed with the ultimate technologies, it combines performance, ease of use and multiple AFM modes. The USB controller offers a real integrated lock-in for better measurement capability (phase detection, Piezo-Response Mode, HD-KFM…). A low-noise laser and a pre-alignment system provide high resolution…

Icone ResiScope
AFM electrical measurements

The ResiScope II is a unique system able to measure Resistance over 10 decades with a high sensitivity and resolution. It can be combined with several dynamic modes as MFM/EFM or KFM single‐pass (AC/MAC III) providing several sample characterization on the same scan area. The measurement is made by applying a DC bias between the sample and…

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Free CSI Webinars – July 2, 2020 15:00 CEST Time (UTC+2) “AFM Electrical characterization with ResiScope, Soft ResiScope & HD-KFM modes” Learn in this live webinar: Advanced CSI AFM Modes – Electrical measurementsHD-KFM mode : Concept, advantages and exemples– Most advanced single-pass KFM mode (no lift)– Much higher sensitivity & resolutionResiScope mode : Concept, advantages and exemples– True…

AFM Trade-In Operation

Exchange your old equipment and get a percentage discount on the purchase of an AFM microscope Nano-Observer! The Nano-Observer AFM microscope is 5 years old! To celebrate, CSI is offering up to 30% discount on the purchase of a new Nano-Observer when you trade in your old equipment (any manufacturer). Make money from your old…

ResiScope II : Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy Book

ABSTRACT In this chapter we will describe the most advanced module for conductive measurements with Atomic Force Microscopy named ResiScope II, which allows to perform current/resistance measurements over 10 orders of magnitude (from 100 fA to 1 mA). By connecting ResiScope to a conductive tip, surfaces with both highly conductive and insulating domains can be…


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