Soft ResiScope mode

Soft ResiScope mode is an intermittent AFM mode. The AFM probe only stays in contact with the sample during a short period of time with a constant force control which allows the ResiScope II to measure the resistance and the current in the best conditions for quantitative measurements. Then the tip is retracted and moves to the next step


 Organic materials


ResiScope for fragile & soft conductive samples

Resistance and conductive measurements at the nanoscale appears as an essential technique for many AFM applications. Actually, all measurements are made in contact mode which is not an issue on hard sample like semiconductors… However for some samples, contact mode could be destructive like conductive polymers or biological samples. Soft ResiScope mode is an unique method to measure resistance and current on all kind of samples including soft samples.


 True Quantitative Resistance/ Current Measurements with Intermittent Contact
 UNIQUE Technology
 NO Contact Mode
 NO Friction
 Constant Force = Quantitative Electrical Measurements

AU, Soft ResiScope mode, 5µm
Nano-tube, Soft ResiScope mode, 5µm
P3HT, Soft ResiScope mode, 5µm
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