Magnetic Force Microscopy Mode


Magnetic Force Microscopy Mode

Magnetic Force Microscopy Mode (MFM) is an oscillating mode. A magnetic tip scans the surface to record the topography. Then, the tip is over the sample and recording the offsets of the phase signal of interaction with the magnetic forces on the surface.


 Data storage
 Material science


Magnetic domains mapping

Magnetic Force Microscopy is an AFM mode that maps the magnetic force gradient on the sample surface. MFM can be used to image both naturally occurring or written domain structures in magnetic materials.


 Study of magnetic materials
 Mapping of magnetic field
 High sensitivity of the phase signals and amplitude

Magnetic structures, MFM mode, 15µm
Magnetic structures, MFM mode, 21µm
Hard-disk, MFM mode, 2.2µm
Artificial spin ice, MFM mode, 6.5µm
Stainless, MFM mode, 18µm
Cobalt alloy coating, MFM mode, 30µm
Magnetic triangles structures - scan size 4.5µm x 4.5µm MFM mode MFM signal
metal alloy MFM 50µm
Perpendicular magnetization bit hard drive scan size 5µm x 5µm MFM mode
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