New opportunities with 5100/ 5500/ Multimode, AFM/STM bases

AFM Galaxy Dual Controller

New opportunities with 5100/ 5500/ Multimode, AFM/STM bases

The GALAXY DUAL controller creates new opportunities for AFM users by combining new features with those already available on your existing AFM. This new controller offers more than a second life to your AFM, it renews and improves the performance with new imaging modes and new intuitive software.
The GALAXY DUAL USB controller offers a real integrated lock-in for better measurement capability (phase detection, field measurement…). Low-noise electronics and power supply coupled to a 24bit drive architecture provides high resolution and smart integration.

Keep your existing AFM modes :
The dual galaxy controller has been designed to be fully compatible with
the Multimode, Pico SPM (STM), 5100 and 5500 AFM bases.
– STM, Contact, AC, Phase, MFM/ EFM/ PFM,/LFM, EC modes

Add new advanced modes
HD-KFM : No lift, much higher sensitivity & resolution
ResiScope & Soft ResiScope : Resistance & current, from 10² to 1012 ohms, also on soft samples
Soft Intermittent contact mode : Adhesion, Stiffness, youngs modulus, constant force = quantitative measurement

HD-KFM mode

ResiScope mode
Dopant profiling on clived Si

Soft IC mode

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