Affordable solution for nanoscale mapping of electrical measurements, PrimeNano product

Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscopy (sMIM)

This new AFM mode, developed by PrimeNano, measures the electrical properties of materials at length scales from 10’s of nanometers to microns. sMIM modules produce high quality images of local electrical properties with better than 50 nm resolution.The core of our technical approach is to utilize microwave reflections from a nm scale region of the sample directly under the sMIM probe.

 Sensitivity to metals, semiconductors and insulators including dielectrics
 Direct measure conductivity σ & ε permittivity at the Nano-Scale
 Linear relationship to electrical properties
 Quantitative doping concentration mapping
 Nano-Scale C-V spectra
 Sub-surface sensing capability

ScanWave a PrimeNano Inc. product,
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 Doping profiles
 Green Energy
 Photonic materials and devices

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