ResiScope mode

ResiscopeTM mode is a mode of contact AFM. A conductive tip saves changes in current and resistance on a wide range with an external amplifier. Curves of current / voltage can be conducted at various locations on the sample. Resistance and conductivity over to 10 decades


 Material Science
 Electronic material


Resistance over 10 decades

ResiScope mode is a unique AFM mode able to measure resistance over 10 decades with a high sensitivity and resolution. It can be combined with several dynamic modes as MFM/EFM (AC/MAC mode) or KFM single‐pass (AC/MAC III) providing several sample characterization on the same scan area.


 Resistance measurement
 Current measurement (& IV spectroscopy)
 Compatible with Oscillating mode (Tapping / AC mode )
 Compatible with EFM/MFM or Single-pass KFM
 Resistance 102 ohms to 1012 ohms (10 decades dynamic)
 Output information : R, Log R, Current & I/V Spectroscopy

ResiScope mode probes

Diamond Probes

High Resolution

Metal Coating

More information

ResiScope II system

AFM electrical characterization over 10 decades


Soft ResiScope module

AFM electrical characterization on soft sample


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