Galaxy Dual Controller

Soft Intermittent Contact Mode

ResiScope under temperature control

ResiScope (Conductive) AFM measurement on VO2 under temperature control from 25 to 50°C

High resolution

C36 molecules – 500 nm – Resonant mode

HD-KFM mode

Graphene on Si – HD-KFM mode – Surface Potential signal – 8µm

Magnetic Lateral Field Microscopy

Circular DNA on mica

Circular DNA on mica, topography signal, 2µm scan

 Affordable AFM at Your Fingertips

 AFM microscope Trade-In

 EZ Temp

Precise temperature & imaging during temperature changes (-35°C to 250°C)
Temperature : 70°C to 40°C, Resonant mode, PCL (polycaprolactone) crystallization under controlled temperature, Scan size : 20µm

 Environmental control

 Low noise laser & electronics

Quality of measurements
No interference, Pure deflection signal,Better resolution (imaging and force curves)

 Easy approach with side view

Sample/tip visibility, Ease of use, Avoids damaging sample or tip, Better contrast by lateral illumination

 Pre-Alignment tip/laser

Allow to keep tip/sample position