Conductive AFM mode

The conductive AFM (C-AFM) is an AFM contact mode. A conductive probe saves the current variations of the surface using an amplifier. It can be kept at one location while the voltage and current signals are applied, or it can be moved to scan a specific region of the sample under a constant voltage.


 Organic materials


Current mapping

Conductive AFM (C-AFM) is powerful current-sensing technique. The fact that the C-AFM uses two different detection systems (optical for the topography and amplifier for the current) is a strong advantage compared to scanning tunneling microscopy (STM).  Indeed, the C-AFM measures the conductivity at a given point and not the current flowing between the tip and the sample.


 Current mapping
 Great sensitivity of the current amplifier
 Expert mode spectroscopic
– Current/ voltage curves (I/V)
– Force curve simultaneously

Conductive mode probes

Diamond Probes

High Resolution

Metal Coating

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