Electric Force Microscopy Mode


Electric Force Microscopy Mode

Electric Force Microscopy Mode (EFM) is an oscillating mode. A metal tip scans the surface to record the topography. Then, the tip is over the sample and recording the offsets of the phase signal of the interactions with the gradient of electrical forces present on the surface.


 Material science
 Electronic material
 Life science
 Polymer science


Electric field gradient mapping

Electric Force Microscopy (EFM) measures electric field gradient distribution by measuring the electrostatic force between the surface and a biased AFM cantilever. It is used for electrical failure analysis, detecting trapped charges, mapping electric polarization, and performing electrical read… 


 Electrical characterization
 Mapping of gradient electric field
 High sensitivity of the phase signals and amplitude

Graphene, EFM mode, 10µm
Gold electrodes, EFM mode, 60µm
2 Nanotubes network deposited between 2 electrodes, EFM mode, 65µm
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