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EZ Liquids : AFM in Liquid

The Nano-Observer AFM is compatible with imaging in liquid environment with the accessory EZ liquids. It includes an specially designed cell and tip holder for imaging in liquids in both contact or resonant modes. Additionally, a connector can be included in the liquid cell to connect a bi-potentiostat to perform electrochemistry experiments. The holder has been designed so that the reflected laser spot angle is compensated when the cell is filled with liquid (water, PBS,…). The laser/photodetector alignment can be easily performed in ambient conditions, after the cell is filled with liquid, the only re-adjustment needed consists on moving downwards the photodetector to centered again the laser spot. Another benefit of the special design of the holder is the minimizing of the liquid evaporation rate, thus minimizing the intrinsic drift of imaging in liquid environment.

Embryonic fibroblast cells, oscillating mode, 80µm


 Biology  Material science  Electrochemistry


Laser angle compensation & No additional adjustment

A liquid cell and tip holder is also available for imaging in solution or force spectroscopy.


 Laser angle compensation.
 No additional laser re-positionning.
 Long term stability imaging in resonant mode.

sample Ø max27 mm
sample height
9 mm
Contact & resonant
mode, electrochemistry
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