Award ceremony of Applied Research FIEEC at « Rendez-vous CARNOT » 2013
In Collaboration with CSI & ScienTec the LGEP receives award for ResiScopeTM II !

For the third consecutive year, the Applied Research FIEEC Awards were presented at « Rendez-Vous CARNOT », on Thursday, Oct. 10th, 2013. These prizes reward research works which, through a partnership with an SME, which helped to generate growth and employment.

The second prize rewards three researchers from the Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of Paris (LGEP) for the development of ResiScopeTM II :- Olivier Schneegans Supélec Engineer and Doctor in Physics,
– Pascal Chrétien, Research Engineer,
– Frédéric Houzé Supélec Engineer and Doctor in Physics.This work is enhanced by two SMEs:– ScienTec, specializing in the distribution of scientific equipment dedicated to Surface Analysis and Spectroradiometry
– Concept Scientific Instruments(CSI), SME specialized in AFM instrumentation.Based on the thesis of Olivier Schneegans, they have developed jointly the « ResiScopeTM II », an original equipment able to produce mapping local electrical resistance (current and resistance of 10 decades) from an Atomic Force Microscope.

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