Dear AFM users,

CSInstruments, distributor of AppNano AFM probes, proposes you a great offer to expand your research :
1 set of 50 probes = 10 identical probes for free* (offer valid Until December 31st, 2017)

This offer is valid for the most common AFM probes (contact, non-contact, electrical, MFM/EFM…) used for all applications and measurements modes.

Order a set of 50 Applied NanoStructures probes before December 8th 2017 and get 10 identical

probes for free.

In addition to this offer get a CSI gift** ! (USB flash drive, USB power bank, Action camera…)

AppNano Probes are compatibles with Nano-Observer AFM and most commercially availables SPMs.

More information about our AFM probes, click here

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* This offer is not applicable on the following series of probes : HART, Colloidal, Doped Diamond, Super Sharp, Membranes, high quality budget…

** Receive a CSI gift for each order superior of €1500.