« Yves Rocard 2014 »  prize has been presented by Francis Rocard, astrophysicist who participated in the VEGA Mission (overflight Halley’s comet).

This prize has awarded the « ResiScopeTM II » for its instrumental innovation and the successful of technology transfer between an academic laboratory and a private company.

Based on the work of the thesis of Olivier Schneegans, in collaboration with the LGEP (Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of Paris), ScienTec – CSInstruments have developed an electrical characterization system with wide dynamic range in AFM (Atomic Force Microscopy).


ResiScopeTM II

Associated with an AFM and a conductive probe in contact with the sample surface, the « ResiScopeTM II » is able to measure local resistance on a dynamic of 10 decades (10² ohms to 1012 ohms), up to 5 kHz. This exceptional dynamic makes it, unique all around the world.


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2014 is a year full of events for the « ResiScopeTM II », since CSI has introduced a new mode: « The Soft ResiScope ».

This unique and innovative AFM mode is able to expand the fields of applications of the « ResiScopeTM II » to soft samples such as organic solar cells, conducting polymers or other biological samples, while retaining its wide measuring range (10 decades).

The Soft ResiScope principle is based on intermittent contact. The lack of friction and the constant force of the tip on the sample provide quantitative measurements without damaging the surface of delicate samples.

Today, this new mode, only available on the Nano-Observer AFM, opens up new perspectives for electrical characterization of soft samples !

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