AFM environments

AFM environmental control

Prevent contamination & stable measurements

The Nano-Observer AFM is compatible with a controlled environment during the image aquisition. With the Atmosphere control accessory, it is possible to isolate the volume inside the AFM, introduce an inert gas or control the relative humidity.

 Prevents the contamination
 Stable measurement for electrical characterization
 Atmosphere volume : 451 cm3

EZ Liquids : AFM in Liquid

Laser angle compensation & No additional adjustment

The Nano-Observer AFM is compatible with imaging in liquid environment with the accessory EZ liquids. It includes an specially designed cell and tip holder for imaging in liquids in both contact or resonant modes.

 Laser angle compensation.
 No additional laser re-positionning.
 Long term stability imaging in resonant mode.

Embryonic fibroblast cells,oscillating mode, 80µm

EZ TEMPerature : AFM Temperature control

From -35°C to 250°C

The Nano-Observer AFM is compatible with the temperature control accessory EZ temperature developed by CSI to deliver precise temperature control and imaging during temperature changes. With this accessory, it is possible to cool the analysis zone to -40°C and  heating sample to 200°C

 Limited thermal expansion
 Thermal insulation
-35°C to 250°C
 Compatible with : Oscillating/contact modes, Environmental control, Liquids

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