In this chapter we will describe the most advanced module for conductive measurements with Atomic Force Microscopy named ResiScope II, which allows to perform current/resistance measurements over 10 orders of magnitude (from 100 fA to 1 mA). By connecting ResiScope to a conductive tip, surfaces with both highly conductive and insulating domains can be mapped overcoming undesired side-effects like probe-induced local oxidation, bimetallic effect or melting of the conductive coating by Joule effect. Additionally it will be described the Soft ResiScope mode, that allows to carry out electrical characterization in intermittent contact (point by point) at regular scanning speeds (few lines per second). This module prevents the tip from wear due to continuous scanning in contact and is specially suitable for soft samples.

Louis Pacheco and Nicolas F. Martinez
« Enhanced Current Dynamic Range Using ResiscopeTM and Soft-Resiscope AFM Modes », chapter 12  in the book, « Conductive atomic force microscopy: applications in nanomaterials » pp. 263-276, ISBN: 978-3-527-34091-0, Publisher: Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany, October 2017.

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